The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost sells for $975,000 bold

At the Indianapolis Mecum auction, the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE “Black Ghost” brought in $975,000 (after fees of $1,072,500).
The Black Ghost and other vehicles, including the Ford Mustang from Bullitt, are now listed on the National Historic Vehicle Association registry.
One of the final iterations of the current Dodge Challenger was inspired by this special Mopar.

The era of the iconic 1970 The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is finally upon us.

In its heyday, this iconic Mopar vehicle competed in street races and showed off its Hemi on Detroit’s streets. However, this powerful Mopar became a sought-after myth among collectors and enthusiasts of muscle cars after being hidden away by Godfrey Qualls. This Challenger has gained recognition since it was brought back to the public, been inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Association, won prizes at concours across the nation, and is currently owned by a new person.

Godfrey Qualls gave his son Gregory this piece of muscle car history before he passed away. Gregory set out to restore the Challenger and show off his father’s highly valued Mopar to the world. After a minor mechanical restoration, this oddly ordered Mopar became popular at concourses and muscle-car enthusiast shows. However, it’s time for a new chapter in its history. The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

For those who are unaware, The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

the Black Ghost Challenger is the subject of such lore due to the construction process and the things it accomplished while under Godfrey’s supervision. This 426-Hemi-powered Challenger is already uncommon, and it comes with a highly sought-after four-speed manual transmission. This Challenger was ordered as an R/T SE and came equipped with the high-performance The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost parts and the opulent interior of a limited edition. The gator-grain vinyl roof, which was a factory accident but adds to the car’s legend, rounds out the set.

Godfrey utilized the Challenger as one might anticipate after leaving the factory: he had fun with it. In addition to serving as Godfrey’s everyday mode of transportation, this powerful vehicle demonstrated its mettle on the streets of Detroit by helping him move his Norton motorcycles.

It goes without saying that Gregory will not miss the car. “I will miss the car, but I realize I don’t need the car,” Gregory states. “I really needed the car when I first took it out of the garage at one point in time. It was something I did to honor my dad after he passed away. But as time went on and more people heard the stories, and I learned more about the car and the stories, I came to understand that my dad was always by my side. I can finally let go of the car because I don’t really need it anymore. That’s my current situation with it.” The Dodge Challenger “Black Ghost”

The Qualls family is bound to the car even though the Black Ghost may be moving under a new roof. Gregory declares, “My dad’s story will always be told, and the car will always be known.” The fact that this car story will endure forever is, in my opinion, the greatest honor that could be bestowed upon it.”

This legend’s most recent exploit occurred at the Mecum Spring Classic, where it was purchased for $975,000. Although the future is unpredictable, we believe that this historical moment will be remembered for a very long time.The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

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